What our customers say…

“An easy 5 stars!

All of the items we had tasted soooo good, the Crispy Oysters were a win. We decided to order takeout as well.

Miss Donah was very patient to answer queries over messages regarding our planned visit.

This is a place to be – service, food, ambiance are excellent altogether. The cafe has plushies of vegetables you can take pictures of :)) Will definitely come back soon to try the rest of the menu!”

Daphnie Dianne Bernardino


“I’m so in-love with the place. Their vegan meals are immensely delicious!

I tried their Mongo Soup, Oyster [mushroom] chips, Heart Burger, vegan (dairy-free) iced chocolate, and their best-seller Sriracha Cauli! It feels so good that no single animal was harmed in my chicharon and burger!

There are also lots of affordable vegan Filipino dishes you can choose from, and you can see that their meals are carefully cooked and prepared.

I’m excited to get back and try another best-seller, vegan Tapa!”

Sandra Théa


“Meat Lover here, but that Veggie Beef Tapa really spoke to me. I actually can’t believe it isn’t meat, Great food, good ambiance; basically, my whole experience was pretty awesome.

I would highly recommend this place even if you’re not health conscious; totally worth it!

Would come back, especially since I haven’t tried their Pad Thai. Thumbs Up!!!”

Jan Michael Ng


“Loved everything 🙂

I especially liked the heart burger. Always had take-outs for when I go on duty.

Ms. Donah is very responsive to queries, and always answered them patiently.

Jeff, (I hope I spelled it right) their chef, is impressive, as he was always on his own whenever we were there, and yet he still manages to do everything well. :)”

Memento Mori


“Two thumbs up!!

All foods here are healthy, taste good, and the price is resonable.

They serve freshly cooked foods. The only small restaurant that gave me a peace of mind in every plate.”

Jas Macuzi


“Who knew healthy food could taste so good!

Greens Spot Cafe brings such a unique and delicious twist to the food that they serve (especially the Tapa!).

And to think you could enjoy all this in a homey environment with good service and warm management to greet you 🙂

Kudos to Greens Spot!”

Alti Parayno


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